What is important to Spanish Sardine Fishing Charter?

//What is important to Spanish Sardine Fishing Charter?

What is important to Spanish Sardine Fishing Charter?

Every business has a plan and every business owner has a goal. I started Spanish Sardine fishing charter with one goal in mind, and that was to always provide the best experience for anyone who steps aboard the Spanish Sardine.

When I was young I had the amazing opportunity to fish with both of my grandfathers. They never worried about me being too young to catch a fish. To me it doesn’t matter if kids are catching pin fish or Tarpon. The most important thing is that they are having a good time. When you are only 3 feet tall the world is a big place. A 4 inch fish might seem like a foot long. Being able to take families out on the water and give them a great experience full of memories that may last a lifetime is what its all about!

This past week I had a return angler who was maybe 13 the first time he went fishing with me. Now he is in his 20’s and still wanted to experience the same thing he did when he was young. The sharks may be small but they do leave a huge impression on a young angler.

As the captain, and the owner I am the one responsible for how my business is run and the customer service my clients receive. I will always do my best to ensure everyone has a good time. From the toddler who just wants to play in the bait well to the experienced angler looking for the next big catch my goal is to make sure you never forget the Spanish Sardine!

If you want to have a good time and catch fish give me a call!

Aboard spanish sardine we don't just take a kid fishing we take them catching!
Look at those smiles!
No Ipad No Games, just SHARKS
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